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Prime Power Training

Emergency Power Systems for Operators

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 Prime Power Training designed this course as an introduction to safe and proper emergency power supply system management. As an operator, you are responsible for managing the operation of your system. This includes doing regular checks to ensure that your system is at peak performance. However, as an operator, it is not your responsibility to do primary maintenance on an emergency power supply system (EPSS). Primary maintenance should be left to a certified technician. This course is only designed to provide you with a foundation for operating and managing an EPSS. This course will generally require 90 minutes to complete.

Our goal, at Prime Power, is to improve on-site awareness of emergency power systems and thereby reduce liability associated with normal power loss. 

Disclaimer: The (highly opinionated) views and opinions expressed in this module are those of the authors and shall not be considered the official position of EPS governing bodies.  Nothing in this module shall be construed as professional advice with respect to any particular situation concerning issues of compliance with legal statutes or safety requirements.

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