Online EGSA Certification Program

Prime Power is the #1 provider of EGSA certifiaction prep in the Southeast! Whether you're a business that needs several techs certified or a small business/individual, who only needs one or two techs certified--we have a program for you!

  • Business

    If your company needs to train multiple techs, then this is the program for you! Prime Power created the Online EGSA Certification Program to help companies train and certify techs in mass. This program leverages online learning technology to make it convenient for you and your techs to prepare for the Apprentice and Journeyman EGSA certification exams. Your company will get to schedule the program to meet your timeline and goals on your schedule! Minimum of 3 learners for each registration.

  • Individual

    Prime Power knows that some individuals and smaller businesses may only need to certify one or two EGSA technicians. We've designed this program for you!

    Prime Power is committed to pre-scheduling a program for youself and others, so you benefit from our elite certifying program.

    This program is prescheduled, so click the button below to see when the next program is starting! Maximum of 2 learners for each registration.